Things I like to do in autumn ♥

četrtek, oktober 15, 2015

I used to hate autumn just because it was the end of summer, and almost the beginning of winter. What a fool I was! The autumn is such a gorgeous time of the year. Nature in colour getting ready for winter sleep. The coloured leafs on the ground. And warm, not too hot weather. Plus I started enjoying rainy days as well. There are a few things I usually don't do during the summer. They are reserved for autumn. Lets see what things I like/love to do in autumn.

1. Drinking hot tea with honey. I love a cup of good green or white tea. And sometimes I drink black tea in the morning instead of coffee. This year I will also enjoy in my home grown peppermint tea.

2. Switching on more dark colours. The wardrobe, make up and nails. I love dark reds, deep blues and classic black. Its that time of the year :)

3. Jump in the leaves. Who doesn't love that? In a second I can became the biggest child on earth. Somehow this reminds me on my childhood, the long autumn walks with my family and my dog. (great times if I may add)

4. Burning candles. I was waiting on that the whole summer. Finally I can burn the hell out of my candles. Any recommends what is a must to try out this year?

5. Staying home. This one is a bit funny but I love being at home, and my boyfriend is all about being outside as much as we can (this can easily be the whole day). And during the summer we are out as mush as the hot weather allows. But autumn and winter is all about my cozy bed, cup of tea and a good movie or book. Any recommends on a good movie or book?

6. Warm baths. I can't take warm baths in the summer but since the weather is much cooler and I am the freezable person you will ever meet, hot baths are most of the time the only think that warms me up a little bit. And the Sunday pamper is here again. I have no idea why, but I don't like pumper nights during the summer.

You can probably see that I am super excited about autumn this year. It's surprise really, since I was more summer person not that long ago.

Now please leave a comment and tell me one thing that makes your autumn speacial. What do you like about autumn. ♥

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  1. Knjiga, ki je tako zelo posebna in jo moraš nekoč prebrati je : Wild: A Journey from Lost to Found
    Avtor: Cheryl Strayed. Za tiste trenutke, kosam prisebi misliš, da slabše ne morebit:):). Svečkice in cartanje z fantom pa itak nuja, midva sva z mojim res malo skupaj ko pa sva je pa to tako koristno preživet čas, si ga pa še več želiva samo zase, ampak ja kakšno leto, dve še potrpiva pa sva zmagala.:)

  2. Definitivno katero izmed knjig avtorja z imenom Jorge Bucay. :)


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